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How to use Abracadabra?

Abracadabra can help with all your writing needs - from emails to blog posts, sales pages to video scripts and social media posts. It’s super easy to use. Just type in what you want to write, the main points to cover in the content, and the tone of voice for your content. Then, let the tool do its magic and enjoy the well-written output it produces!

How it works?

Abracadabra is the perfect tool to use when you want full control of your content, with very few inputs! Whether you’re writing an email, a blog post, or a social media post, Abracadabra gives you the power to make it perfect.

Enter what you are looking to create
Enter what you are looking to create
Choose from blog posts, stories, emails, social post and much more
Enter the main points you want to cover
Enter the main points you want to cover
Give Yaara.ai a bit of context/information, enter as much detail as possible
You’re all set! Now you can use your content
You’re all set! Now you can use your content
Use Yaara.ai note editor to edit, polish and publish your content wherever you want

Who is it for?

Yaara AI - Your Content BFF

Marketing team can quickly generate high-quality copy for their campaigns.

Entrepreneurs can get help with their fundraising pitches, website copy, and email marketing campaigns.

Agencies can create content for their clients more efficiently.

E-commerce brands can produce product descriptions, category pages, and more.

Copywriters can get inspiration for new ideas and write copy faster.

Content Writers can quickly generate high-quality content for their blog, website, or social media channels.

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